• Welcome to Sleeping Bear Gallery
  • Featuring in and outdoor sculpture by Maureen Bergquist Gray
  • works by Kat Dakota
  • Illustrations by John Leben
  • paintings by Alex Helfers, sculpture by Michelle Tock York, and ceramics by Cynthia Holland Marks
  • Jewelry by: Christine Bossler, Dick Caverly, Dana C. Fear, Idelle Hammond-Sass, BJ Jordan, Mary Kernahan, Cynthia Mann, Lynne Mossoian, Tamara Woltanski, and many more
  • Pastels by Jane Ditri
  • Paintings by Kenneth Ray and encaustics by Leslie Sobel
  • Oil paintings by Dan Oberschulte
  • Paintings by Ron Gianola and blacksmithing by Thomas McDonough, Douglas Thayer, and James Viste all Michigan "Smiths"
  • Ceramics by Ashley Benton, Linda Buck, Vicki Grant, Rodney Lloyd, Miles Stearn, Debra Thompson
  • paintings on birch bark by Donna Buchanan and mixed media work by Meredith Krell
  • Comical illustrations by Chuck Wimmer are sure to bring a giggle to your visit
  • paintings by Christi Dreese and enameled copper tiles by Houston Llew
  • photography by Rodger Skinner
  • paintings by Kurt Anderson and ceramics by Rodney Lloyd
  • woodworking by Todd Mossoian
  • a Lisa Farris sculpture sits between paintings by Thomas Winebrenner and Sharon Will
  • and of course we feature cement sculpture by Jim Neal amongst so many more artist's works
  • and of course we feature cement sculpture by Jim Neal amongst so many more artist's works
  • we look forward to seeing you!
  • we look forward to seeing you!


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