3D Colorwheel Book



This 3D Colorwheel book turns the traditional wheel into a fun and accessible learning tool for all ages. The twelve colors of the primary color wheel are displayed around the top surface. The leaves directly beneath show the primary colors (yellow, blue and red). The next level (wings positioned between the primaries) are the secondary colors (orange, green and violet). The top surface of the lower leaves are the tertiary colors (yellow-orange, and yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, red-violet and red-orange). The primaries’ complimentary colors are arrayed around the bottom so that the corresponding primary and complimentary colors can be seen together when viewed from the base (violet to yellow, orange to blue and green to red).


The 3D Colorwheel book – by ArtistiKreations, LLC

Patent US 8,858,232

will be available in a handy pocket size, one slightly bigger, as mobiles in various larger sizes,

and even as earrings & pendants too!

All of the above will be available at Sleeping Bear Gallery very soon

along with a couple of other surprise versions !

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